Surcharge of Real Estate Tax

A surcharge of Real Estate Tax is established, applied on the tax appraisal of real estate that jointly exceeds 670 Annual Tax Units (“UTA”, in spanish) (app. US$ 530,000)

  • The surcharge applies to individuals, corporations and entities without legal personality who directly own real estate. It does not apply to indirect owners nor taxpayers under the SME Regime.
  • It is calculated on the “Total Fiscal Appraisal”, that is, on the sum of the fiscal appraisals of each of the real estate owned by the same taxpayer.
  • Marginal rate by sections, from 0.0075% on 670 UTA of Total Fiscal Appraisal, to 0.275% on 1,510 UTA and above.
  • It accrues annually as of January 1 of each year, considering the real estate registered at the name of the taxpayer as of December 31 of the